About Travoy

Travel expense reports, simplified.

At Travoy™, our goal is to simplify the administrative burden of entering and creating travel expense reports. No more lost receipts, complex excel sheets or exchange rate nightmares. Travoy™ allows the user to enter expense data on fly with ease. Features include:


♦ Enter Expenses whilst off-line on your flight or in the taxi.

♦ Organize expenses either individually or as a grouped trip

♦ Preset trip locations before you travel; automatically setup expense parameters such exchange rates as you travel through each location

♦ Categorize each expense using our default categories or add custom categories.

♦ Auto calculate exchange rates based on location or customize for a specific rate.

♦ Default or custom payment types for easy reconciliation with credit card bills etc.

♦ Allows for multiple receipts per expense using your phone camera.

♦ Reports emailed directly to your accounts department

♦ Bonus travel tools including; common conversions and custom Checklists.



Expenses are entered either individually as needed or as part of a trip. the following features are available for each expense entered:


♦ Date selection from a calendar based view

♦ Categorize expenses with Icons for quick reference.

♦ Customize categories or add new ones for unique data entry based on category type

♦ Add comments for detailed descriptions

♦ Selectable locations for expense or default to trip locations

♦ Expense amounts with multiple currency options and exchange rates updated from the internet (internet connection required)

♦ standard and customizable payment types with reimbursable options

♦ Add receipts from your phone camera (single or multiple receipts per expense)

♦ Vendor/merchant identification



Expense Categories

To help simplify and ensure correct data entry, expenses can be categorized. Each category offers unique data entry tailored to the expense classification.

♦ Multiple pre-defined categories:

+ Transportation

+ Meals and lodging

+ Entertainment and gifts

+ Equipment and supplies

+ Communications

+ Conferences and training

♦ Set default amounts and default payment type for each category.

♦ Add your own customized expense categories with customized expense options and icons for quick data entry and category recognition.

Travel Expense Locations

Preset trip locations before you travel. Automatically setup expense parameters such as exchange rates as you travel through each location.


♦ Select single or multiple locations for expenses and trips

♦ Select locations from a convenient location search including current location, previous locations or select from a list of common database locations.

♦ Auto selection of currency for location

♦ Manual entry of exchange rates or update from the web (internet connection required)


Trip Expense Defaults

Not all trips are the same. Setup common defaults for your trip, simplifying expense entry as you travel and enter expenses.


♦ Set default payment types and milage units

♦ Set currencies to either a default baseline/reference currency or automatically use the currency for the entered location.

♦ Enter default amounts for Perdiem.


Ensure expenses are being allocated to the correct customer or program.


♦ View running total of you trip expenses and what’s owed to you.

♦ Add important billing information including:

+ Customer

+ Program codes

+ Billing codes

+ Departments.


Expense Reports

Finally submit your expense report directly from your phone.


♦ Export trip expenses and single expenses to a report

♦ Customizable report styles including expense summary, accounting information, expense lists, expense details and receipts.

♦ Preview expense reports before you submit them.

♦ Email reports directly from the travel expense app.

♦ Expense status for quick reference including “report not sent”, “report sent, waiting approval”, “report approved”, “report rejected”, and “report paid”

♦ Add company name, logo and address to the report